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Wondering if you are offering applicants the best rates and terms? Eliminate the guesswork. Quickly see the improvement potential for each bureau. Chances are Credit Assure is already there in your credit reports.

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the enterprise platform designed to transform credit into a powerful strategic growth engine. With our innovative solutions, businesses can harness the potential of credit data to drive growth, make informed decisions, and unlock new opportunities. Whether you’re a financial planner, bank, fintech company, or real estate agent, our white-label credit score monitoring and rebuilding solution offers unparalleled customization to seamlessly embed credit insights into your website or mobile app. Empower your users with a comprehensive credit experience and propel your business forward with Mycreditz.

Our solutions

MyCreditz Console

Empowering Credit Intelligence, Simplified
Discover the MyCreditz Console – your gateway to empowered credit intelligence. Gain easy access to comprehensive credit data, analytics, and insights. Simplify your credit monitoring and decision-making process with our user-friendly console, designed to fuel your financial success.


Liberate Your Finances, Unleash Your Potential
Unshackle your finances with UnDebt, the groundbreaking feature by MyCreditz. Take charge of your debt management journey and unlock your true financial potential. Our smart tools and personalized strategies will guide you towards debt freedom and a brighter financial future


See Tomorrow's Credit Today
Prepare for the future with MyCreditz Simulator. Visualise the impact of your financial decisions on your credit score before you make them. Plan ahead, optimise your credit behaviour, and secure a better financial position. With the power of foresight, you can confidently pave the way for your financial goals


Instant Credit Insights, Ready at Your Fingertips
Experience the magic of Bingo! Instantly access critical credit insights, reports, and scores with just a click. MyCreditz presents Bingo! - your trusted sidekick for quick and accurate credit information. Stay on top of your credit health effortlessly and make informed financial choices with confidence.

Partner Portal

Collaborate, Customize, Conquer Together
Welcome to the MyCreditz Partner Portal, the heart of collaboration and customization. Strengthen your business by integrating our white-label credit score monitoring and rebuilding solution. Tailor it seamlessly to your brand and offer your users an unparalleled credit experience. Join forces with MyCreditz and conquer the credit world together.

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Making progress is hard work. That’s why we believe in a world where technology and data can help make finances easier for everyone. It’s our mission to empower each and every one of our members with the knowledge, tips and tools they need to turn their financial dreams into a reality.



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